A sentiment shared by many, and as it turns out, a little bit here of aerobic activity and a little bit there can really make a huge difference.

Just like a savings account, those little $2 per day deposits into the piggy bank suddenly start to really stack up over the year and that is what we are looking for here. Regular, short, simple aerobic exercise can be responsible for weight management, cardio health benefits and can be a key factor is keeping up spirits and maintaining a healthy, positive perspective. Anyone who says that a goalie can’t increase their successes with this approach isn’t a league-leading goalie.

It is a fact that aerobics can improve the functionality and conditions of hearts, arteries and our respiratory systems. It also increases stamina, promotes good circulation, and releases endorphins that make us happy and tolerant to pain. It increases oxygen flow, calorie burning and strengthens the immune system, while reducing stress.

There are lots of simple activities, you just need to find those few activities that work with your schedule and body. If you have kids, then this will be a no-brainer, they can think of all kids of things to get the heart rate going, which is what the goal is. So here are some things to keep in mind each day when thinking of what you can do for yourself and your game.

Continuous movement for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week will do wonders for mind and body. If you can’t do 30 minutes, then try 15 minutes. Something is better than nothing. The time spent on the activity you choose should be willing entered into, if it is a struggle, it won’t be fun. Either cut back on the time you allot for the activity or make it up the next day. A regular routine is best, but you also want to hit weekly milestones, and if it means missing a day or two, then so be it.

Make sure that before you begin to do anything, that you warm up before you engage in the activity. If you are trying something new, you’d be amazed at the new muscle groups you might be using, and that despite all your activities on and off the ice, those groups just haven’t been used much and it is possible to injure yourself. The best way to prepare is to perform the activity in the warm-up, just a toned down version, Slow and easy movements will get those muscles ready to rock.

When you’ve completed your activity, try doing the same thing as the warm up, you want to graduate into and out of the exercise gently.

A well-balance goalie is able to take advantage of their full body range, and once you’ve got that, then it just comes down to goal keeping skills.